Taking the ERS

The ERS is composed of 45 items to be rated on a 5-point scale and 30 items to be answered True/False.

You will need both your Client User Name and your Client Password, which you should get from an agency staff member. Please remember:

  • All of your answers are confidential.
  • This is an assessment, with no right answers.
  • The more honest you are, the more help you can get to become successful in your work life.
You have to complete all items in order to get any feedback.

You can re-take the ERS five more times in order to measure your progress towards employment readiness. As long as you use the same assigned Client User Name and Client Password each time, the scores from each session will be compared and the comparison will be displayed as part of the Feedback Report.

These questions are protected by copyright and may not be printed or copied.